What I Do

Interactive faculty workshop activity

Interactive faculty workshop activity


  • 1 hour to multiple days
  • Content and process designed specifically for participant needs
  • Principles, frameworks, practical action steps, and examples of good practice
  • Balance of presentation and participant interaction


  • Extensive preparation before site visit
  • Engagement of multiple stakeholders/constituents
  • Program evaluation based on a wide range of standards and principles
  • Follow-up recommendations and reports

Keynote Speeches

  • Unique presentations for particular audiences
  • Inspirational, engaging, practical
  • Establish positive tone for conferences

Strategic Planning

  • Engage wide range of constituents
  • Set context including national and local trends
  • Establish vision, mission, and organizational values
  • Determine outcomes for students, institutions, and communities
  • Develop goals, objectives, and assessment plans

Online Formats

  • Online seminars (webinars)
  • Professional development workshops and courses
  • Consultation via web conferencing, shared files, telephone, and e-mail
  • Collaborative writing projects

Multiple Formats

  • Customized combination of various formats

***All formats include extensive print materials and online resources for further information.***