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I was honored to receive the Recognition of Exemplary Contribution through Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement: Distinguished Career on September 26, 2016 from the International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement (IARSLCE). This recognition “acknowledges and celebrates intellectual leadership through a body of work that has broad and deep impact on service-learning and community engagement including the study of it, the practice of it, and the cultures and systems within which it is undertaken.”

My Latest Book!
Service-Learning Essentials: Questions, Answers, and Lessons Learned
Barbara Jacoby
Foreword by Jeffrey Howard
Jossey-Bass, 2015

“A service to the field of service-learning.”
“An artful marriage of basic building blocks and critical issues.”
“Jacoby is well-suited to the task of crafting a comprehensive review having been a mainstay scholar and practitioner of service-learning for decades.”
—Lina Dostilio, Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, Spring 2015

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For almost 40 years, I have had the privilege of working at the University of Maryland and at all types of colleges and universities to advance purposeful learning, community engagement, and student success.  My current scholarship and practice are in the areas of high-impact educational practices with a primary focus on service-learning, civic engagement, critical reflection, and the on- and off-campus partnerships that underlie this work.  My roots are in services, programs, advocacy, and research on behalf of college students, particularly the vast majority who live off campus.

Through Barbara Jacoby Consulting, I enjoy sharing what I have learned through my extensive research and practice with faculty, administrators, students, and community partners across the U.S. and internationally.  I have engaged colleagues in hundreds of keynote addresses, workshops, and strategic planning sessions and have provided consultation to more than 80 colleges and universities.

I develop each workshop, speech, and consultation specifically to meet your needs.  Please let me know how I can partner with you and your colleagues to benefit your students, your communities, and your institution.

Barbara Jacoby
Barbara Jacoby Consulting

Internationally Recognized Leader in Service-Learning and Civic Engagement